If you are looking for information on loans without paychecks, in this article we want to give you all the information you need, as usual in a sincere way.  Let’s start by saying that there are not many financial companies that grant loans of this kind: a quote can be requested with Lite Bank.

In addition to this, at the end of the article we will also analyze the best alternatives you can choose from.

What are payday loans?

What are payday loans?

Let’s start with the definition of “loans without paychecks”: these are loans that can be requested by subjects, workers, who do not have a paycheck as collateral.

It is a rather broad definition that includes a whole series of subjects.

Loans without paycheck: in one hour, in 24 hours or less

Loans without paycheck: in one hour, in 24 hours or less

To get fast loans without the paycheck, much depends on the amount requested and the guarantees that can be offered.

They range from loans obtained in one hour (urgent), in cases where the guarantees offered are good, the subject is already known by the lender and the sums are small, at 24 hours in cases where the sums are a slightly larger, up to a few days if it is the first loan request you make, if you have financial problems that need to be analyzed or if the amount requested is important (over 20,000 USD in general).

Sometimes loans without a paycheck can be requested without particular problems and obtained even in a short time. As in any type of financing, the guarantee offered really makes all the difference in the world, so before applying, especially if you urgently need money, you should keep in mind the following points:

  • don’t be bad payers
  • have been in business for at least 12 months, preferably 24
  • obviously have a good CUD
  • have a guarantor (guarantor)

Who can request them?

Who can request them?


The self-employed are the classic subject for which loans without the envelope are designed.

These are all those who run a business, large or small; as entrepreneurs do not have a paycheck in the strict sense of the term, but an income that derives from the profits that his company is capable of generating.

It is precisely this income that is used as a repayment guarantee by the financial company, so it is important to show a good 730 and it is essential not to have had financial problems in the past.

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Young people who want to start a business

Young people who do not have a job and want to start an economic activity can apply for loans without the envelope.

In this case, it also falls into the category of corporate loans to start an economic activity, so it will also and above all provide clear indications on what activity you want to open and demonstrate that there is potential for growth.


In practice, when we talk about financing without having a paycheck we immediately think of the possibility of having credit even in the case of unemployment. In reality, they are two very different things.

These are loans that are granted to those who cannot claim a paycheck, such as the unemployed, but also self-employed people with low incomes, housewives and, sometimes, even those who have a really short-term fixed-term contract.

The amount that can be obtained usually does not go beyond $ 5,000, but much depends on the financial company to which it is addressed and on any extra guarantees that you are able to provide.

For further information:

  • If you don’t have a job, read the guide to unemployed loans.
  • Read our job guides.


Housewives fall within the “no paycheck” as this work is not remunerated. At the same time, they also fall within the definition of “no income”, so today it is not so simple for a woman who is not working to find a loan.

The spouse’s guarantee could be a good solution, as well as asking for small amounts.

For further information:

  • loans for housewives

3 alternatives to loans without paychecks

3 alternatives to loans without paychecks

If your application is not successful and your loan application is refused, it is important to know what to do first, then you need to leave to start evaluating alternatives that may come in handy.

Revolving credit cards

It is a type of credit cards granted by banks and financial companies that allow you to have a bank credit that you can use at any time, even for daily shopping.

Not everyone can manage to get these cards, but before even applying, you have to understand if they can do for you: keep in mind, for example, that revolving cards have very high interests to pay (around 20%), so before entering this “circle” understand if you absolutely need it.

Warning: these cards are different from prepaid cards, which instead are solutions that do not give access to any credit because, in order to use them, you need to load money.

Get money from relatives or family members

If you really can’t get a loan without a paycheck, then you can ask for money from relatives or family members, or maybe friends.

Keep in mind that this is an unpaid loan that we could more easily call loans between relatives and family members.

Loans between individuals

This is a particularly interesting type of financing as it has been taking place for some time now and the forecasts are strong growth.

To date, there are three credit institutions that offer loans between individuals in Italy: Prestiamoci and Smartika are the “historians”, Soisy is the latest arrival who will try to “exploit the trail” of the growth of these loans for 2019 and for 2020.

Best banks and financial institutions that offer loans without paychecks

Best banks and financial institutions that offer loans without paychecks

Obviously it is not easy to find financial companies that give loans without paychecks, but despite this there are some opportunities.

Which banks grant loans without paychecks?

  • Cream Bank : offers loans for self-employed workers up to 30,000;
  • Astro Finance : another financial company that offers various solutions for people without envelopes;
  • Postal Services : for customers who have a postal current account there are advantageous opportunities;
  • Good Lender : financial company that offers various solutions for self-employed and freelancers

Not all financial companies grant loans without a paycheck and it is not always easy to find them, we advise you to ask for an online quote, the most convenient and fastest solution to get a cost estimate directly in e-mail, applying at home.

How To Get Loans Without Payroll: 7 Tips

How To Get Loans Without Payroll: 7 Tips

It is undoubtedly the first resource to “exploit” to have a loan if you don’t have a paycheck. The guarantor, also known as guarantor, is in charge of funding promising to repay if the principal debtor does not pay. By law, he can then rely on it to recover the sums advanced on his behalf.

Being a guarantor is a commitment that must be carefully considered because it is essential to have the certainty of being able to pay the principal debtor’s loan economically: if he does not pay, and neither does the guarantor, both end up in the register bad payers.

The surety is a serious matter, one should never accept it “for fun” or just to do a favor for a friend or relative: there is a serious risk of being registered in the bad pay register if the accepted commitments are not kept.

We have already talked about the guarantor and the loan guarantee in our guide to the loan guarantor, to which we refer you.

Loans secured by institutions

Loans secured by institutions

The European Union guarantees the possibility of applying for loans that fall into the category of “microcredit”, that is, small loans for companies and families who are guarantors of the Region. Thanks to agreements, the regional body stands before the bank as guarantor in favor of the person or company that needs money.

The maximum amount that can be obtained is generally $ 10,000 for individuals and $ 25,000 for businesses.

The bills

Underwriting bills is often a valid form of guarantee for a loan. They can be obtained more easily by those who have never had financial problems in the past.

Bills of exchange are not accepted by all lenders, so you have to look carefully before asking if your favorite offers this opportunity or not. For more information, read our article on loans changed without paycheck.

Honor loans for students

This type of loan is reserved for students who attend university or a master’s degree and need money to finance their studies. The right to study guarantees these loans, which can be requested by those who have a university average higher than a certain minimum level and an ISEE certificate (family income) lower than a certain amount.

Loans between individuals without the envelope

Loans between individuals without the envelope

They are a form of loan that is requested not through a bank or a classic financial company, but through a credit broker who takes care of matching the supply and demand of loans.

We have already talked about loans between individuals and we refer you to that page for more information, as well as to that of small loans between individuals which could be more useful if you need a loan of little money. In addition, we recommend our guide to loans between serious individuals.

Pawn loans

It is a type of loan which can be easily accessed by those who do not have a paycheck but can present pledged items and obtain, in exchange, their economic value.

In order to have these loans, you can go to specially created pawn agencies, do an internet search to find the one closest to your home.

  • Complete Guide to Pawn Loans

Beware of scams

Very often we read on the internet about the loan proposals granted to practically everyone, without any distinction. These are, for the most part, scams from which you must necessarily be careful and which you must promptly report to the Postal Police.

Often those looking for a loan without an envelope are willing to turn a blind eye to higher than average rates, or unclear credit conditions, trusting the other person.

We must always doubt those offers too good to be true. In addition, all the conditions of the loan and the details of who lends the money should always be put in writing, with a contract that has legal value.

Keep in mind the “rates” issue: in general, non-envelope loans have higher than average interest rates, but still below the usury rate threshold, which are established by the Bank of Italy and you can control this website address.