The most popular and most requested loan is the installment loan. It is straightforward to apply for and the money applied for can be used for many things. In addition, the installment loan has very cheap interest rate models and attractive repayment options, which certainly benefits its popularity.

With an installment loan, you can differentiate between two variants. Firstly, the cheap installment loans with a processing fee. On the other hand, a cheap installment loan is also available without a processing fee. At this point, the latter should be examined in more detail.

Inexpensive installment loan without a processing fee – where can you get it?

You can get an installment loan without a processing fee from many banks. The offers are quite diverse, so you should compare them exactly. Because especially when there are no processing fees, this can have an impact on the interest rate.

Interest rates are generally influenced by the term. The longer this is chosen, the longer you have to pay interest. If the processing fees no longer apply, the bank may have set the interest rate a little higher in order to retrieve the lost money. So you should not only see that you get a cheap installment loan without a processing fee, but with this cheap offer you should always look closely at how the waiver of the fee affects the other costs.

The best way to do this is to compare the effective interest rate.

This interest must include all costs – regardless of the source – for the loan. If you have found this out, you can calculate how much additional money you have to spend in the desired term to repay the loan. This calculation should be made for several offers in order to determine the best possible.

At best, a comparison is made on the Internet. This saves you the long search for offers and you can easily compare a wide variety of installment loans with the help of a comparison calculator. Once you have found a loan that is tailored to your personal needs, you can contact the provider and conclude a loan agreement. Sometimes this only takes a few days until the money is available and can be used for the planned investment.